mnmlist: possessions != security

by Leo Babauta

For most people, one of the most difficult obstacles to getting rid of possessions is the feeling of security they attach to possessions.

Having possessions, for many, gives them a sense of security.

This is just one of many emotional attachments that people have to possessions, but security issues are the biggest for many, and until you address this, you’ll probably always have an issue with possessions.

Some examples of security issues:

And so on. Most people have possessions for these kinds of security reasons and more.

But do possessions really provide security, or is it an illusion?

Often we don’t really need those possessions as much as we might think, and even when we do have them, we’re not as secure as we might think. Consider:

Let go of the need for possessions by realizing you don’t need them for security.

Consider the worst possible case, and ask youself: 1) what you might do in that case without the possession; 2) how likely this worst case is; and 3) how bad it really would be if the worst case happened.

Then try living without the possession, knowing what your back-up plan is, and see if life is really that scary without the illusion of security.