mnmlist: fewer bills

by Leo Babauta

I recently tweeted_the_joys_of_less_vs._more, and someone replied that “less is better” doesn’t apply to having money to pay for bills.

Ah, true. Except that it’s not true: having more money isn’t better. Having less money means you’re forced to make a choice: is it better to have a lot of bills and not make ends meet, or go into debt … or is it better to cut back on bills?

Fewer bills is better, in my experience. It means less stress, less hassle to pay bills, less work required to pay them, more savings, simplicity.

It means having less in your life, but that’s not a bad thing. Less in your life means finding creative ways to be happy.

Some examples:

I could go on, but you get the idea. Cutting back on bills means being creative, but it also means a simpler, healthier life in many cases.