mnmlist: featurecreep & grandparents

by Leo Babauta

There are things we think we need these days that are absolutely not needs. They are luxuries that, over time, we have grown to be accustomed to and rely upon.

It’s incredible how much people rely on these things, actually, and have come to think they’re necessary.

But they’re not. Consider your grandparents — did they have these luxuries? Did they survive without them? Were they fairly happy without them?

Only after we’ve grown used to these things do we think they’re necessary, but that’s because we’ve bought into the marketing. These things are no longer luxuries — they’re required.

If our grandparents could live without them, and be happy, so can we.

Some things our grandparents lived without, that are really not necessary:

That’s just a start.

I would argue that the computer is the one exception. It is incredibly empowering. The rest are less necessary.

I’m not arguing that you should never get any of these devices. I’m only offering a reminder that it’s not absolutely necessary, and most can be eliminated.