mnmlist: buying is not the solution

by Leo Babauta

Often when we want to solve a problem or make some kind of change in our lives, we’ll go out and buy something:

I could go on, but you get the picture.

But buying is not the solution. Or at least, it rarely rarely is.

Instead, buy less. Stop yourself before going out to buy things. See what you already have that you can use. See if someone else has it that you can borrow or trade or barter for. See if you can solve the problem without anything new.

Just a few examples:

You get the idea. Sometimes you’ll need stuff to solve problems, but again, see what you already have, what you can borrow from or trade with others, or as a last resort, what you can buy used.

Ironically, you might have noticed I’m selling an ebook on minimalism: The Simple_Guide_to_Living_a_Minimalist_Life. It’s $9.95, it’s Uncopyrighted, and it’s DRM-free.

You do not need to buy this ebook in order to live a more minimalist life. This blog will offer free ideas, as do other_blogs, and you can do it on your own simply by reducing what you have and what you do down to the essential.

However, I do offer this ebook as a way to save you some time in doing a lot of research, and I hope if you do buy it, you’ll find it useful. I charge money for it to 1) raise money for a good cause and 2) help pay for my living expenses.