mnmlista: mój minimalistyczny desktop

original post by Leo Babauta

Szukam ochotnika(czki) który przetłumaczy ten wpis, szczegóły jak to zrobić są tutaj

I love seeing other people’s desktops, so I thought I’d show mine as an example of a clean, minimalist desktop.

The desktop pic changes now and then — right now it’s a snow leopard, reminiscent of the new OSX snow leopard. I enjoy pics that are calm but inspiring.

I’ve removed all icons, including hard drive icons (go to Preferences in the Finder, unselect hard disks from “show these items” list). I’ve also removed the menu bar using MagicMenu.

I autohide the Dock (go to Dock preferences, and “turn hiding on”), as I never use the dock for launching applications or documents — I use Quicksilver instead. Quicksilver launches things faster than the Dock or even Spotlight, in my experience, and can do much more than launch (appending text, emailing items, cropping photos, and more).

For awhile, I was just using a blank desktop pic, with no icons, dock or menu bar, but the only thing I missed from the menu bar was the clock. So I added the time and date via GeekTool, along with my favorite quote.

Otherwise, there’s nothing there. Which is how I like it.

Note: A less detailed version of this post originally ran on Minimal_Mac, an excellent blog.

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